Stain Protection

Penetrating Sealer Stain Protection

Please find below video footage illustrating the stain protection quality of our Deluxe & Premium range sealers. This range includes our concrete sealer, paving sealer as well as our natural stone sealers.

We apologise that it is not the most exciting clip to watch, but it was necessary to keep it in this format to best illustrate its authenticity!

We have noticed a definite trend amongst competitors to edit their clips. Once a clip has been chopped up we feel there is no real way of knowing the true time line or even if it is the same surface!
The video is approximately 10 minutes long and shot completely in real time.

So…without further ado, may we present to you the…

Ten Minute Stain Protection Test !!!

Stain Removal: (as indicated in video example)

• Red wine applied to large format paver and left for 5 minutes.

• To enable the easier removal of spills such as coffee, tea and wine, spills should be attended to as soon as possible. On most occasions if attended to straight away, spill residue may be simply cleaned with a damp cloth. Be sure to dab excess residue…do not wipe!

• For spills that have been left for extended periods, we suggest utilising a cleaning agent such as household bleach or chlorine. Start with a ratio of 1:20 and if unsuccessful reduce the dilution rate.

The stain protection quality of a penetrating natural look sealer is unique in that on first appearance a stain may appear to be irreversible. This is simply the residue residing beneath the surface but above the sealer molecules. By removing the excess contaminate and utilising a cleaning agent, the underlying concrete or stone remains protected!

Please note: A penetrating natural look sealer repels and protects in a very different manner to a topical sealer!