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Why A Sandstone Sealer Is A Healthy Choice

A quality sandstone sealer helps protect the natural surface of the sandstone. Because of its unique beauty, many people use sandstone in constructing and/or decorating their homes, offices or gardens. However, special care and maintenance must be observed because this particular stone contains properties which make it vulnerable to harmful substances in the environment.

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock composed of minuscule grains that vary greatly in size, shape and hold on each other. Its grains could be round, angular, and loosely interwoven or tightly packed. This characteristic makes the stone porous, and the pores serve as openings where unwanted chemicals could enter. A good sandstone sealer can counteract this problem by sealing off these pores and preventing hazards from infiltrating the stone.

Among the three major types of sealers, impregnating sealers are generally preferred by many instead of topical and penetrating sealers. Among the three, impregnating sealers penetrate the stone deepest, thus effectively bonding with the capillary pores and preventing water, oils or acids from seeping in. Unlike the others, this kind of sandstone sealer does not trap moisture or vapor inside the stone, which allows the stone to breathe. It is also able to ward off more dangerous hazards such as acid attacks, picture framing and frost weathering (for very cold temperatures).

Compared to solvent or spirit based sealers, a water based sandstone sealer is also recommended for quality results and benefits. Firstly, a water based sealer is perfectly usable for both interior and exterior applications. Next, it is stain resistant and transparent, unlike other sealers which somehow alter the shade of the stone into a darker hue. Because it is water based, the liquid travels into the stone and does not leave a shine on the surface. This sandstone sealer is also a lot easier to apply and does not emit any fumes. It is similarly worthy to note that with this kind of sealer, cleaning the sandstone becomes an easier task.

Although sandstone can benefit a lot from a sandstone sealer, proper maintenance and care does not stop there. Of course, it is necessary to make sure that any spillages must be cleaned up immediately, and placing hot objects directly on the sandstone must be avoided. To maintain your sandstone’s beauty and durability, a lot of attention must be focused on the cleaning methods and products used. This, of course includes having to determine the best type of sandstone sealer to use for your sandstone.