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VOC in Sandstone Sealers

A modern sandstone sealer possesses volatile organic compounds (VOC) which are organic chemicals that have a low boiling point. This causes the molecules of the chemicals that the sealer is made from to evaporate quickly. A sealer with a high level of VOC can potentially be harmful to those who are exposed to it.

There are two types of sandstone sealer that are considered the mainstay in construction today. The penetrating sealer penetrates the surface to anchor itself while giving it a defensive layer. This type of sealer prevents stains and allows moisture to escape the material. Impregnating sealers work by saturating the molecules to protect them, preventing problems that penetrating sealers cannot, but at the cost of letting tiny particles of dust enter through open pores.

No matter what type of sandstone sealer is used, the sealer will come in a water based or solvent based formula. The new chemical regulations regarding painting and coating applications, has led to an increase in demand for water based sealers and a decrease in solvent based sealers. Solvent based sealers usually contain 400g of VOC per litre whereas water based sealers contain less than 100g of VOC per litre.

A water based sandstone sealer is not only less toxic to human beings but is also safer to handle as it is non-flammable. It is very easy to clean up. For the contractor who needs to get things done quickly, water based sealers are ideal.