Retail Sealer

With Sealer...
You Get What You Pay For!

It is industry acceptance that retail sealers purchased over the counter are inferior! One should be careful when selecting a concrete sealer or natural stone protection as poor quality resins can be detrimental to your surface. Not to mention the almost impossible task of trying to remove an applied “sub-standard” sealer!

Choose The Ultimate Balance Of Sustainability, Performance and Value!

CSW Coatings utilises and represents a major technological breakthrough in protective coatings. It is for this reason our penetrating product line is fast becoming the top choice for home-owners and professional contractors. Most retail penetrating sealers operate on a generation of technology developed many years ago. This basic chemistry requires surfaces to be re-sealed in most cases once every 2-3 years! Our nano-technology offers increased absorption and therefore greater long lasting protection. Dependent on application and environment, most scenarios will witness up to 10 years of protective qualities! For this reason alone, substantial savings in cost, time and energy are evident!

Confused By All The Choices?

For home-owners, protecting a valuable investment like natural stone is paramount. Consumers can find the sealer selection choice quite daunting as they are bombarded with conflicting, inaccurate and many times misleading information.

Previously, the superior stain protection and moisture resistant performance offered by say our deluxe range of sealers, was available only through high end retail outlets or professional applicators. A competitor “like-for-like” product would and still does sell in excess of 100%. Home-owners and the like are quickly realising the inherent value in CSW Coatings without sacrificing performance and durability.

Contractors…Stop Buying Retail Concrete Sealer!

All contractors know how important it is to reduce their costs or overheads when it comes to purchasing sealer for a project. The main reason being, if you can manage to reduce costs and pass these savings directly onto your customers, it very likely they will employ your services again. When word gets out how affordable your services are, chances are you will obtain a lot of new business as well as keep your old clientele. This endless cycle of creating new revenues all comes down to reducing the cost per square metre of your purchased concrete sealer or natural stone sealer!

Do Not Buy Retail, Go Wholesale!

Many contractors have fallen into the habit of purchasing their supplies and materials from retail outlets, all because they are not aware they can buy from a wholesaler and reduce costs. By purchasing supplies and materials wholesale, you stand to save up to 40% on commercial concrete sealer compared to buying retail. Forty percent is a large amount of savings which can be passed on to your customers! Customers will definitely be glad of the savings you extend to them.

Go One Better…Buy Directly From the Supplier!

If you have enough time and patience, you can achieve even more savings if you can get your supplies directly from the supplier. By eliminating all middlemen from the equation, you stand to achieve even greater savings. If you can manage to bypass wholesalers, and distributors and go directly to the source, the commercial concrete sealer costs per square metre can potentially be reduced by up to a staggering 70%! The only downside to purchasing your concrete sealer directly is that the supplier may not be located in the same city, or even the same state.

Geography Is No Longer A Problem!

CSW Coatings overcomes this issue by being web based. This simply means no matter where you are located across Australia, we deliver to your doorstep! Product can be shipped either directly to a personal, work or site address eliminating double handling.