Tile & Grout Sealer Premium SB

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Protects Tiles And Grout In One Application !
Premium “Nano Molecule” Protection.
Definitive Small Pore, Dense Substrate Sealer!

Guards against food, beverage stains, oil and grease spills, mould & mildew, efflorescence and weathering.

• Suitable for unglazed semi-vitrified porcelain/ceramics/grout.
• Specifically developed for low porosity and dense tile.
• Utilizes ultra-small molecule structures.
• Will not etch, alter or discolour natural look.
• Forms high performance sub-surface barrier.
• Protects against water borne contaminates.
• Protects against oily soils.
• Chemically reacts with cement structure in grout.
• Dramatically improves long term strength of grout.
• Stabilizes grout preventing cracking.
• Vapour permeable allowing tiles to breath.
• Excellent for Interior and Exterior Protection.
• Penetrating ” fine pore” solvent based formula.

Brush, Roller or Polish Applicator
Minimum 2 Coats
10 – 15 sqm / L per coat
Dry Time (?)
Touch Dry: 1 hour
Re-coat: 20 – 30 mins
Light Traffic: 2 – 6 Hours
Heavy Traffic: 24 Hours
Wash Up
Clean-up immediately on completion with solvents.
Recommended Uses
External: All porcelain, unglazed and semi-vitrified ceramics, cementicious grout.
Internal: All porcelain, unglazed and semi-vitrified ceramics, cementicious grout.
Flammable according to the Australian Dangerous Goods Code.
Hazardous according to the criteria of Worksafe Australia.

Solvent Based – Outstanding Penetration

Safe – No Chlorinated Hydrocarbons

Delivered Ready – No Mixing Required

Non-Film Forming – No Residue!

Life – Premium Protection Up To 15 Years

Appearance – Retains Natural Look

⇒First Read General Preparation Guide

– New installations must be fully cured prior to application (Min 48 hours)
– Existing stone, tile and grout must be totally clean, dry and chemical free.
– Do not apply in direct sunlight. Temperature must be between 10°C and 25°C

1. Apply 1 to 2 coats by generously saturating the surface using a polish applicator, roller or sprayer to an area which can be easily reached. (Approximately 15m2). Ensure even coverage.
2. The surface must be shiny wet with a liquid film for at least 1 minute. For very porous substrates more sealer may need to be applied.
3. Allow 5 – 10 minutes for the sealer to absorb into the surface and then move the excess product with a squeegee to a new section.
4. Wait 20 to 30 minutes and repeat the process.
5. Using absorbent towelling or applicator, wipe off any sealer remaining on the surface after 10 minutes of the last application. Moisten the towel with Methylated Spirits to remove residues which have dried on the surface.
6. Allow 2 to 6 hours before returning area to traffic. Keep dry for 12 hours. Achieves a full cure in 24-48 hours.

Formula Independently Tested By The Most
Predominant Materials Testing Facility In Australasia!

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