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An Enhanced “Wet Look” Sealer Without A Topical Film.
Rejuvenates Worn and Weathered Stone With The
Added Benefit Of Stain Protection!


• Darkens & highlights natural character of stone/pavers.
• Enhancing effect without artificial thick film.
• Offers water & oil borne contaminates protection.
• Protects against food and beverage stains.
• Protects against oil & greasy spills.
• Protects against mould, mildew and weathering.
• Reduces the occurrence of efflorescence.
• Breathable, won’t trap moisture.
• Deep penetrating.
• Forms sub-surface repellent shield.
• Additional coats enable greater colour enhancement.
• Non film forming will not flake or peel.

Broom, Brush, Roller or Spray
Minimum 2 Coats (for greater enhancement an additional coat may be applied)
7-15 sqm / L per coat on porous surfaces
N/A on non-porous surfaces
Dry Time (?)
Touch Dry: 2 Hours
Re-coat: 5-20 mins
Light Traffic: 2 – 6 Hours
Heavy Traffic: 24- 48 Hours
Wash Up
Clean-up immediately on completion.
Light coloured substrates may experience less reaction than darker.
Recommended Uses
Internal/External: Porous sandstone, limestone, terracotta, granite, travertine, bluestone, slate, quartz, marble & masonry surfaces.
All porous paved surfaces.
Recommended Porous Surfaces
Concrete (incl plain/stencil/stamped/exposed aggregate), Brick/Clay Pavers, Granite, Sandstone, Travertine, Limestone, Bluestone, Terrazzo, Terracotta, Slate, Quartz, Marble & Masonry surfaces.

Our Penetrating Sealer Enhancer…

…is simply not a painting process or stain. Rather, enhancing ones pavers draws out the characteristics or personality of the original paver! This is also true for pavers involving an irregular combination of colours or from pavers that have experienced fading.
While we do provide water based products, the ultra deep rich enhancement achieved by this product can only be achieved by our full solvents! Water based or even semi-solvent products simply do not provide the same level of intensity!

Designed To Darken and Highlight the Natural Character of Substrate

No Artificial Thick Film

Solvent Based – Deeper Highlights

Delivered Ready – No Mixing Required

Weather Resistant – Interior and Exterior Use

Substrates – Can Be Applied To Any Porous Surface

Appearance – Darkens and Enhances

⇒First Read General Preparation Guide

Protect any adjacent areas by masking to avoid splashes or over-spray onto surfaces not intended to be treated.
New installations must be fully cured before application (Min 48 hours).
Existing stone must be totally clean, dry and chemical free.
Do not apply in direct sunlight. Temperature must be between 10°C and 28°C.
Apply 1 to 2 coats by generously saturating the surface using a polish applicator, roller or sprayer to an area which can be easily reached. (Approximately 15sqm). Ensure even coverage.
The surface must be shiny wet with a liquid film for at least 30 seconds. For very porous substrates more sealer may need to be applied.
Allow 5 – 10 minutes for the sealer to absorb into the surface and then move any excess to a new section.
Wait 10 to 30 minutes and repeat the process. Do NOT allow first coat to fully dry.
Using absorbent towelling or applicator, wipe off any sealer remaining on surface after 10 minutes of last application.
Moisten a towel with Methylated Spirits to remove any residue on surface.

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