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As a pre-seal cleaner… Moss, Mould & Mildew Cleaner is a powerful anti-mould, anti-bacterial cleaning agent giving it a vast variety of applications.
The excellent detergency gives this thickened product the ability to not only clean, whiten and kill bacteria but stay on the job longer, especially on vertical surfaces.

Mould Removal – Quickly destroys and removes mould and mildew, destroying the mould structure and killing the spores.
Powerful Sanitization – Moss, Mould & Mildew Cleaner contains 6% available chlorine which is potentiated with Sodium Hydroxide, providing powerful anti-microbial action and sanitization.
Stain Removal – Provides highly effective removal of grass and organic stains, mould stains and food and beverage spills from most tiles, stone, masonary and concrete surfaces.
Odour Neutralization – Effectively deodorizes bins, drains, toilets, grease traps, etc.
Food Area Safe – AQIS approved – safe for use in food preparation areas.

Outdoor Areas – Ideal for removing stains & discolouration from sandstone, concrete, etc.
House & Building Cleaning – Provides excellent mould removal and cleaning on building exteriors.
Showers, baths & tiles – Ideal for sanitizing, cleaning and whitening shower recesses, baths and any tiled surface. Effectively removes unsightly mould and mildew
Toilets – Effectively sanitizes, deodorizes and removes stains from toilets and urinals. Avoid use on steel units.
Kitchens, Butcheries, Fisheries – an outstanding cleaner and destainer for use on all resistant surfaces. Effectively eliminates odours, removes stains, cleans and sanitizes.

Pre-test in an inconspicuous location before use. Check for colour change or discolouration, especially on old baths and showers.
    For use as a sanitizer to remove mould, mildew, germs and bacteria, use undiluted.
    For use as a general cleaner in outdoor applications and stone restoration, dilute 30ml per litre of water.
    Follow equipment manufacturer’s instructions when using in a foam generator.
    For sanitization, apply through a squeeze bottle. Squirt onto surface, agitate and allow at least 10 minutes dwell time for maximum anti-bacterial action.  Rinse well with clear water.
    For general cleaning, make up solution in a clean vessel and mop or wash down surfaces using standard cleaning techniques. Rinse with potable water.
    Follow equipment manufacturer’s instructions when using through a foam generator.

by Wayne on CSW Coatings

Incredible product at great prices with great freight time. Going anywhere else would be waste of time and money. The finish I obtained on old tired slate is to say the least, spectacular.

by Masood on CSW Coatings

this people good paint to buy for factory flloors.

by Laura on CSW Coatings

As Described Thank you

by Lee on CSW Coatings

Best product used with just express shipping missing as option

by Thomas on CSW Coatings

easy transaction

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