Non-Slip Paint

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Non-Slip Paint Colours Available:

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Colour Accuracy Statement

• Provides extra grip to slippery surfaces.
• Exceeds Australian Standards for slip resistant coatings.
• Achieves P5 slip rating tested to AS 4586:2013.
• Designed for maximum flexibility & tensile strength.
• Easy to use & DIY friendly
• Unyielding adhesive bond to concrete surfaces
• Acts as waterproof membrane.
• Acid and alkali resistant.
• Salt/Chlorinated water splash resistant.
• Matt finish
• 8 colours available
• Forms incredibly durable hard wearing coating
• Substitute for decorative coatings, eg: stencil
• Single coat application
• Suitable for interior and exterior areas.
• High weather resistant
• UV resistant – non yellowing/fade resistant
• Water based with incorporated silica sand.

Broom, Brush, Roller, Squeegee.
1-2 dependent on application.
2.5-5 sqm/ L (180 micron DFT)
Maximum 5% Water
Dry Time (?)

5⁰C Substrate Temperature
Surface Dry (hours): N/A
Hard Dry (hours): N/A
Recoat Time (hours): N/A

10⁰C Substrate Temperature
Surface Dry (hours): 6
Hard Dry (hours): 24
Recoat Time (hours): 24

20⁰C Substrate Temperature
Surface Dry (hours): 4
Hard Dry (hours): 18
Recoat Time (hours): 18

30⁰C Substrate Temperature
Surface Dry (hours): 2
Hard Dry (hours): 12
Recoat Time (hours): 12

**As project conditions vary, applicators may need to adjust times accordingly.
Allow to fully cure between coats (Tack Free).

Top Coat
For best results a clear topcoat like Film Forming Sealer WB is advised.
Wash Up
Recommended Uses
External: Driveways, Patios, Footpaths, Garages, Pontoons, Jetties etc
Internal: Light Commercial etc

For Surfaces Requiring A Durable Textured Coating
Exceeds Australian Standards for slip resistant coatings.
Perfect For Patios, Driveways, Walkways, Stairs, Steps, Decks, Marinas, Ramps, Pool Surrounds and More!

trol feet

⇒First Read General Preparation Guide

Apply 1 to 2 coats depending on the porosity of the surface and the expected amount of traffic.
Repeated thin, evenly spread coats are better that one heavy application.
Apply using roller, brush, broom or squeegee.
Spread a thin coat over the floor area using slightly overlapping strokes.
Allow to dry overnight.
Apply the second coat in the same manner as the first.
Apply each coat at right angles to the previous coat to ensure even coverage.

Recommended To Be Top Coated With Film Forming Sealer WB

Non-Slip Paint Colours Available:

Colour selected at checkout.

Colour Accuracy Statement

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