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Industrial strength floor stripper formulated to provide serious power in removing a variety of coatings, polish build-ups, tough porcelain wax films and heavy soiling. Extensive research in efficient compounds has resulted in a concentrated chemical coatings gel stripper effective in breaking down paint and coating structures.

  • Chemically breaks down floor coatings including waxes, acrylics and some epoxy / urethanes.

  • Provides radical removal power of tough factory applied wax coatings on porcelain tiles.

  • Ideal for removing burnished floor coatings which are particularly stubborn to remove from years of burnishing.

  • Bursts through heavy soil build-ups with powerful penetrating and emulsifying action.

  • Viscous gel – Pleasant to use.

  • Rinses freely with water leaving the surface ready for the application of a new sealer.

Well ventilated internal or external surfaces.

Safe on all man-made tile, natural stone products, grout and concrete at appropriate dilutions determined by test patch. Always test patch first.

Do not use or allow Industrial Strength Floor Stripper to contact unintended painted surfaces, non-ferrous metal surfaces (especially aluminium) and carpets.

Apply Stripper in well ventilated area at approximately 2mm-3mm build (approx 1sqm/L) to surface with via broom, mop, long nap roller or paint brush.

Allow stripper to dwell. Dwell times vary according to many variables. Variables may include coating layers, age and type of sealer previously used.

Stripper remains active while in a wet state only. Do not allow the chemical stripper to dry on the surface. Do not apply where substrate temperature exceeds 28 deg.

Pressure wash the surface at a minimum 1800psi to remove both stripper and sealer. Stubborn areas may be agitated with stiff bristled broom.
Prevent any residue from escaping to drains and waterways.

Should any sealer still be present, repeat whole process from start again.

by Sian on Concrete Paint

arrived a few days late but can vouch for quality of product

by Jaxson on Non-Slip Paint

Thank you. Extremely well priced product

by Ubaid on Non-Slip Paint

I buy 6 drum must be cheaper if want more busines

by Melissa on Concrete Paint

Product and delivery as promised

by Monika on Non-Slip Paint

Very happy with our homes driveway colour. Is it possible to post samples for our investment property?

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