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Buffable Brilliant Gloss Acrylic Polymer Finish

• Can be used as standalone product or as…
• Super gloss top coat for film forming WB range.
• Easy to use & DIY friendly
• Dramatically improves cleanability & maintenance
• As used in retail outlets, offices and homes.
• Perfect for polished concrete
• Responds exceptionally well to cleaning and buffing
• Enhances/highlights surfaces
• Forms durable hard wearing surface
• Resistant to traffic marks, black heel marks and scuffing
• Provides exceptional slip resistance
• Chemical resistant – oils, greases, alkali
• Non Hazardous (Worksafe Aust, ADG Code).
• UV resistant – non yellowing
• No odour with extremely low VOC.

Polish Applicator
Minimum 2 Coats
20-30 sqm / L per coat on porous surfaces
30-40 sqm / L per coat on non-porous surfaces
Dry Time (?)
Touch Dry: 30 mins
Re-coat From Base Coat: As soon as touch dry
Light Traffic: 12 Hours
Heavy Traffic: Pedestrian 24 Hours
Wash Up
Clean-up immediately on completion with water only. No solvents
Recommended Uses
External: NA
Internal: Institutions, medical facilities, retail outlets, homes etc

Floor Polish Presents A Buffable High Sheen!


⇒First Read General Preparation Guide

Ensure that the floor is thoroughly rinsed with clean water and is totally dry.
Apply 2 to 4 coats depending on the porosity of the surface and the expected amount of traffic.
Repeated thin, evenly spread coats are better that one heavy application.
If Film Forming Concrete Sealer has been applied as a base coat, only 2 to 3 coats of floor polish needs to be applied.
Can be applied as soon as base coat is touch dry.
1. Apply using a clean polish applicator.
Spread a thin coat over the floor area using slightly overlapping strokes.
2. Allow to dry (30-40 minutes).
3. Apply the second and subsequent coats in the same manner as the first.
Apply each coat at right angles to the previous coat to ensure even coverage.
4. Allow at least 12 hours before returning the floor to normal use.

Maintain the surface with a neutral cleaner and buff regularly. Use an electric or battery powered polishing machine capable of between 150 and 1000rpm.

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