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Flake Colour Range:
Blue Marble
Silver Grey
Black Marble
Desert Gold

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Colour Accuracy Statement

5Kg Flakes offered separately to build own system.


Can be added to base coats:

Water Based Epoxy or 100% Solids Epoxy

For Pre-configured Kits See:

Flake Flooring Kits


Preparation is the key to getting good adhesion to the surface being coated. If the preparation is not carried out correctly the system will separate from the substrate.
Previously painted areas should be sanded, cleaned and tested for compatibility and adhesion with the tape test before application.
New concrete surfaces must be allowed to cure for 28 days. Holes and cracks should be filled using appropriate filler.
Hydrochloric acid etching is recommended on un-painted concrete. Use one part acid and five parts water, always add the acid to the water and not the other way around. It is most important to wash all traces of the acid from the surface. If the surface still feels smooth the process must be carried out again until the surface has a rough sandpaper feel. If it is not possible to acid etch the best alternative method is grinding. Drop a small amount of water on the surface to ensure the water soaks into the concrete within 2 minutes. If it does not soak into the surface more acid washing or grinding in needed.

Deep cracks that are not filled before application may appear through the flake system. These areas may be patched over to hide the distinctive black line.
It is important to prepare all the necessary equipment before you start. Tape up any areas before applying the epoxy and remove the tape before the epoxy dries. Epoxy has a short pot life and you won’t have much time to waste. Place all boxes of flake in a clean bucket and lid and gently roll to ensure all flake is mixed evenly.

Preparation check List:
Clean surface
Tape up all areas
Have a brush ready for cutting in and a roller set up ready to start
Box all flake together and ensure the colour is correct and well blended. This should be done as gently as possible to ensure minimal breakage.

Base coat and flake / particle application (water based)

Mix three parts of A epoxy with one part of B hardener by volume not by weight. It is important to scrape out as much of part B as possible to ensure a correct mix ratio. An incorrect mix ratio will decrease pot life dramatically or it will not cure at all. Mix well preferably using an air stirrer or high speed drill (remembering not to whip any unnecessary air into the mix). Mix for no more than one minute. To increase pot life pour the mix onto the floor – do not keep in the mixing container, by keeping the mix in the pot it will gel up much faster.
Spread the base coat out using a squeegee or roll on with a 12mm-16mm nap synthetic roller.
Coverage will be approximately 3m2 per litre depending on method of application and surface porosity. If the waterbased epoxy is spread out too thin it may dry patchy and the flake may not stick consistently.
Remove all masking tape while the epoxy is still wet or the tape will dry into the coating.

Check and box all the flake to ensure an even colour.
Apply the waterbased epoxy to an appropriate area where you can easily broadcast the flake, remove gloves and broadcast the flake over the wet epoxy. Leave half a metre edge of epoxy to roll next pack on to. Do not leave a ‘fat edge’ as this will show through in the final coat.
Broadcast flake. Throw the flake high into the air so that it can float to the floor. The flake or particle must cover all areas of Epoxy in excess so you cannot see any of the basecoat.
Allow to dry over night.

Final top coats

Collect excess flake or particle. This could be carried out by using a combination of a leaf blower-vac and broom.
With a pole sander or equivalent sand the area to remove and sharp edges or rough patches. If the surface is not smooth the final gloss level may not have a consistent sheen level.
Vacuum over the surface again to remove any dust particles.
Mask around the floor edges
Mix Clear urethane topcoat at a 3 to 1 mix and apply with a 12mm-16mm nap synthetic roller. Do not whip up or air rate when applying. Do not thin. Apply at 5 m2 per litre.
Allow overnight before applying final coat.


After final application allow 24 hours before light foot traffic (no shoes). For cars allow 7 days minimum. This will vary depending on factors such as the time of year and how much air circulation the area has. Treat the system carefully by not dragging heavy items across the surface – the more you look after the surface the longer the system will last.

To summarize application:
Patch floor area and remove any contamination and dust.
Apply water based Base Coat and broadcast the Flake
Allow to dry overnight
Collect Flake
Apply two coats of urethane top coat allowing overnight drying between coats.

On a weekly basis sweep the floor with a soft broom or mop. The more dirt and grit that is apparent will damage the surface every time foot traffic occurs (dirt or grit act like sandpaper wearing away the floors surface). Prompt removal of any oils, dirt, grit and greases will slow damage and degradation of the coating.
Use soft cleaning equipment, let the detergent / cleaner break down the dirt, any harsh cleaning pads or equipment may scratch the surface.

Incredibly DIY Friendly Flake Flooring Kit.


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Flake Colour Range:

Flake colour selected at checkout.

Colour Accuracy Statement

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