Extra Grip Additive

From: $33

Need A Safer Slip Resistant Surface?

Smooth tumbled glass particles provide extra grip by increasing traction!

Use approx 500g – 1Kg per 20 lt drum.

Suitable for film forming sealers/coatings/paints where additional traction is required.

Add to either paint tray and roll out or alternatively broadcast via hand while first coat is still wet. Lock in grip with second coat.

Do not add to drum as will settle at bottom.

by Sian on Concrete Paint

arrived a few days late but can vouch for quality of product

by Jaxson on Non-Slip Paint

Thank you. Extremely well priced product

by Ubaid on Non-Slip Paint

I buy 6 drum must be cheaper if want more busines

by Melissa on Concrete Paint

Product and delivery as promised

by Monika on Non-Slip Paint

Very happy with our homes driveway colour. Is it possible to post samples for our investment property?

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