Crack Filler

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General Waterbased Crack Repair
For both internal and external surfaces.
Just add water.
Up to 35Mpa Strength When Fully Cured. Excellent adhesion to cementitious surfaces.
Remains porous therefore easily re-coatable.
Single product application applied as one time filling.
User friendly – very soft paste, easily applicable by fingers, putty knife, scrapper, trowel.
Non-Sagging – non-sag (depending on mix) nature helps in filling of horizontal cracks.
UV & weather resistant increasing life expectancy of substrate.
Paintability – easily coatable.
Water based – mix to desired consistency on-site catering for a wide range of applications.

⇒First Read General Preparation Guide

Applicator to determine if cracks require chasing to ensure adhesion with crack filler.
If required, angle grind cracks to a depth of 10mm and width 5mm.
Acid etch and clean surface.
Add 200ml of water to 1kg Crack Filler and mix to a consistent paste.
Once mixed use within 30 minutes at 25°C.
Apply and leave overnight or until cured before coating.