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Don’t Just Paint It…Paint and Protect It !!!
Substantially More Durable Than Competing Hardware Based Alkyd Paint Products !!!

• Durable “High Solids” Pigmented Acrylic Sealer.
• Colour and seal in one application.
• Protects against surface degradation via sunlight, traffic, dirt.
• Easy to use & DIY friendly
• Unyielding adhesive bond to concrete/paved surfaces
• Dramatically improves cleanability & maintenance
• Prevents powdering and degradation of substrates
• Semi gloss finish
• Multiple colours available
• Forms durable hard wearing coating
• Resistant aid to abrasion
• Hot tyre resistant
• UV resistant – non yellowing
• Solvent based for greater adhesion.

Broom, Brush, Roller or Spray
Minimum 2 Coats
6-8 sqm/ L Coat (20 micron DFT)
Dry Time (?)

5⁰C Substrate Temperature
Surface Dry (minutes): N/A
Hard Dry (hours): N/A
Recoat Time (hours): N/A

10⁰C Substrate Temperature
Surface Dry (minutes): 60
Hard Dry (hours): 18
Recoat Time (hours): 9

20⁰C Substrate Temperature
Surface Dry (minutes): 40
Hard Dry (hours): 12
Recoat Time (hours): 6

30⁰C Substrate Temperature
Surface Dry (minutes): 20
Hard Dry (hours): 6
Recoat Time (hours): 3

**As project conditions vary, applicators may need to adjust times accordingly.
Allow to fully cure between coats (Tack Free).

Wash Up
Multipurpose Thinners
Recommended Uses
External: Driveways, Patios, Footpaths, Garages
Internal: Light Industrial Factory and Warehouse Flooring
Recommended Surfaces
Concrete (incl plain, decorative, stencil, stamped, coloured, exposed aggregate), Brick & Clay Pavers
Petrochemical Exposure Please See: 2 Pack Urethane

Unlike normal clear sealers with tint added, CSW Coatings formulation will help achieve an even disbursement of tint with minimal pigment flotation or settling.


cmp22 in 1 Coloured Sealer
Substantially More Durable Than Competing
Hardware Based Alkyd Paint Products !!!

Perfect For Plain, Patterned, Stenciled, Coloured, Exposed Aggregate Concrete Surfaces as well as Brick, Clay Pavers !

⇒First Read General Preparation Guide

Surface must be bone dry for application.
Two coats recommended for optimum effect.
Application must not be too thick as excessive build up may cause the coating to appear milky when subject to ponding or peel.
If separate tint pack supplied add full tint pack to paint base and mix well.
Apply 2 to 3 coats depending on the porosity of the surface and the expected amount of traffic.
Repeated thin, evenly spread coats are better that one heavy application.
Apply using 12mm nap roller or pump sprayer for best effects.
Spread a thin coat over the floor area using slightly overlapping strokes.
The first coat can be diluted up to 15% with thinners (xylene).
If ‘pooling’ occurs, immediately spread the sealer over the surrounding area.
Allow to dry overnight.
Do not apply a second coat until the first coat has dried.
Apply the second and subsequent coats in the same manner as the first.
Apply each coat at right angles to the previous coat to ensure even coverage. concretepaint

Available In Below Colours
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Colour Accuracy Statement

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