Concrete Densifier

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Concrete Densifier, Dustproofer and Hardener.
Specially Formulated For Warehouse/Commercial/Basements Floors.


• Penetrating sodium silicate solution.
• Creates a calcium silicate hydrate.
• Fills voids, creating strength and durability.
• Protects against sunlight, oil, traffic and dirt.
• Reacts with free calcium and lime.
• Provides a hardened densified surface.
• Aids in creating moisture barrier.
• Helps resistant wear, chemicals and dusting.
• Reduces the formation of efflorescence.
• Increases life of concrete.
• Densifies concrete for diamond polishing.
• No odour.
• Will not flake, peel or scratch off.

Why Use This Product

One Time Treatment Lasting The Life Of Your Concrete.
Hardens and Dustproofs in one application.
By reacting with the calcium hydroxide or free lime component, substrate is solidified into one continuous solid mass.
Voids are reduced to a size aiding in preventing water molecule transfer yet surface maintains breathability.
Extremely environmentally friendly as product is odourless and non-toxic.
In contrast to topical floor coatings, product will never wear.
Surfaces treated with a densifying solution are more abrasion resistant!

Our Concrete Densifier…

… is perfect for uncoated concrete such as natural or semi-polished concrete surfaces or fresh slabs. Also provides high performance protection to industrial concrete flooring, roads, parking areas, concrete pipes, storage tanks and many other forms of concrete construction.



Broom, Brush, Roller or Spray
Applied to rejection. Additional applications may be necessary.
5 – 11 sqm/L (varies on porosity)
N/A on non-porous surfaces
Dry Time (?)
Touch Dry: 30 mins
Re-coat: 5-20 mins
Light Traffic: 3 Hours
Heavy Traffic: 24 Hours
Wash Up
Clean-up immediately on completion with water only. No solvents.
Recommended Uses
Internal and External: Concrete Slabs, Polished Concrete Floors, Warehouse Floors,
Commercial Floors, Manufacturing Plants, Workshops, Car Parks, Distribution Centres.
May be top coated for additional repellency/protection or polished using burnishing machine.

Water Based – Non-Flammable

Odourless – No Toxic Fumes

Delivered Ready – No Mixing Required

Non-Film Forming – Will Never Peel or Flake

Life – Permanent

Result – Ultimate Sub-Surface Dust-proofer

⇒First Read General Preparation Guide

If Grinding, Best Applied After 80 Grit Grind.

Apply by generously saturating the surface using a broom, squeegee, roller or low pressure sprayer. Ensure even coverage and apply to rejection.
The surface must be shiny wet with a liquid film for at least 10 – 20 minutes. For very porous or older substrates a second coat may need to be applied.
Using absorbent towelling or applicator, wipe off any residue remaining on surface after 20 minutes of last application. Excess must be removed to avoid whitening.
Proceed with grinding/polishing.
Keep dry and allow 1 to 2 hours before sealing. Achieves a full cure in 24 hours.

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