Concrete Benchtop 2 Pack

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4 Litre Kit

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Acrylic Modified Isocyanate Two Pack!
Ultra Hard Wearing Surface Perfect For
Concrete Benchtops.


• High build, high solids urethane concrete coating

• Clear Solids >40%, Coloured Solids >50%
• Easy to use & DIY friendly two pack kit
• Unyielding adhesive bond to countertops
• Dramatically improves cleanability & maintenance
• Prevents powdering and degradation of concrete
• Forms durable, hard, yet flexible coating
• Exceptional gloss finish
• Good dry & through cure
• Resistant to abrasion
• Excellent mark and scuff resistance
• Excellent chemical resistance – oils, greases, alkali
• Urethane Based
• UV resistant
• Non-yellowing
• Easy to recoat

Product Uses

Suitable for areas exposed directly to UV light
as product is non-yellowing, 100% UV stable.
Suitable for benchtop areas requiring the ultimate in chemical/stain resistance.

Acid: Very Good

Alkalis: Good

Fresh/Salt Water: Excellent

Solvents: Very Good


Higher Temperature Resistance

Higher Stain Resistance

Higher Abrasion Resistance

! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Brush, Roller
2-3 Coats
5-8 sqm / L per coat on porous surfaces
9-11 sqm / L per coat on less-porous surfaces
Dry Time (?)

5⁰C Substrate Temperature
Surface Dry (minutes): N/A
Hard Dry (hours): N/A
Recoat Time (hours): N/A
Pot Life (minutes): N/A

10⁰C Substrate Temperature
Surface Dry (minutes): 120
Hard Dry (hours): 24
Recoat Time (hours): 12
Pot Life (minutes): 90

20⁰C Substrate Temperature
Surface Dry (minutes): 60
Hard Dry (hours): 12
Recoat Time (hours): 6
Pot Life (minutes): 60

30⁰C Substrate Temperature
Surface Dry (minutes): 30
Hard Dry (hours): 8
Recoat Time (hours): 4
Pot Life (minutes): 40

**As project conditions vary, applicators may need to adjust times accordingly.
Allow to fully cure between coats (Tack Free).

Wash Up
Recommended Uses
Residential to Commercial Benchtops

⇒First Read General Preparation Guide

Mix 3 parts of A with 1 part of B by volume and stir thoroughly.
Apply one full coat by preferred method of application.
Leave overnight, but no longer than 3 days for recoat. If longer than 3 days sand the entire surface.
Ensure that any sanding debris is removed before applying second coat.
The benchtop will accept light traffic after 3 days. Full cure is after 7 days.
When mixing ensure that mixing equipment is clean as polyurethanes are moisture sensitive.

Available In Clear Or Below Colours
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Colour selected at checkout.

Colour Accuracy Statement

by Sian on Concrete Paint

arrived a few days late but can vouch for quality of product

by Jaxson on Non-Slip Paint

Thank you. Extremely well priced product

by Ubaid on Non-Slip Paint

I buy 6 drum must be cheaper if want more busines

by Melissa on Concrete Paint

Product and delivery as promised

by Monika on Non-Slip Paint

Very happy with our homes driveway colour. Is it possible to post samples for our investment property?

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