100% Solids Epoxy

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100% Solids! (3:1)
Solvent Free, Heavy Duty
Concrete Floor System!

• Long lasting.
• Excellent resistance to chemical and solvent spills.
• Very good mechanical properties.
• Easily maintained.
• Single coat application – 250 microns (multiple up to 5mm).
• Excellent adhesion properties.
• Excellent water resistance (virtually impervious).
• Very low yellowing.
• Cures at room temperature without blushing.
• Easy to re-coat
• DIY friendly
• Low odour
• Suitable for use in food processing and clean wet areas.

Product Uses

Internal applications requiring a solvent free system. Concrete polishing, Food processing, Wet Areas etc.

Heavy duty concrete floor system. The most durable and hardest wearing of epoxies with
adhesion rate on full cure approx 70Mpa.

Dries to ceramic tile like finish.

Time sensitive applications can be applied as single coat system minimising downtime.

Self leveling characteristics.

Durable gloss garage floor concrete coating protection.

Solids Content
100% w/w
Dry Time (?)

5⁰C Substrate Temperature
Surface Dry (hours): N/A
Hard Dry (hours): N/A
Recoat Time (hours): N/A
Pot Life (minutes): N/A

10⁰C Substrate Temperature
Surface Dry (hours): 12
Hard Dry (hours): 24
Recoat Time (hours): 24
Pot Life (minutes): 50

20⁰C Substrate Temperature
Surface Dry (hours): 6
Hard Dry (hours): 18
Recoat Time (hours): 18
Pot Life (minutes): 40

30⁰C Substrate Temperature
Surface Dry (hours): 4
Hard Dry (hours): 12
Recoat Time (hours): 12
Pot Life (minutes): 30

**As project conditions vary, applicators may need to adjust times accordingly.
Allow to fully cure between coats (Tack Free).

D.F.T. (1 coat)
250 microns
D.F.T. (multiple coats)
Up to 5mm @ multiple 250 micron coats
3m2/lt @ 300 microns per coat
5m2/lt @ 200 microns per coat
0.2m2/lt @ 5mm (maximum build for extreme cases)

Serviceable Life
5 – 10 years dependent on traffic conditions
Recommended Uses
Internal: Garage, Factory/Warehouse Flooring, Food Prep Areas/Food Processing Plants etc.

⇒First Read General Preparation Guide

It is important to prepare all the necessary equipment before you start. Tape up any areas before applying the epoxy and remove the tape before the epoxy dries.

On application surface must be bone dry.
If separate tint pack supplied add full tint pack to Part A base first.
Mix 3 parts of A epoxy with 1 part of B hardener by volume not by weight. It is important to scrape out as much of part B as possible to ensure a correct mix ratio.
Wash out the hardener can with solvent until all hardener is removed from the sides of the can.
The mixture must be poured onto the floor within the pot life of about 30 minutes as product expands and generates heat.
Higher temperature reduces pot life.
An incorrect mix ratio will decrease pot life dramatically or it will not cure at all.
Mix well preferably using an air stirrer or drill (remembering not to whip any unnecessary air into the mix).
To increase pot life pour the mix onto the floor – do not keep in the mixing container. By keeping the mix in the pot it will gel up much faster.
Spread the coat out using a squeegee or roll on with a 12mm-16mm nap synthetic roller.

For larger areas the initial application should be by squeegee to spread quickly then finish-off by short nap roller. Smaller areas can be done by roller or brush.
Remove all masking tape while the epoxy is still wet or the tape will dry into the coating.
Allow to dry over night.
With a pole sander or equivalent sand the area to remove any sharp edges or rough patches. If the surface is not smooth the final gloss level may not have a consistent sheen level.
Vacuum over the surface again to remove any dust particles.
Mask around the floor edges.
Mix topcoat and apply in subsequent manner as first coat. Do not whip up or air rate when applying. Do not thin.
When mixing ensure that mixing equipment is clean as 100% Solids Epoxies are moisture sensitive.


Should not be applied on floors known to suffer from rising damp.
For surfaces exposed to rising damp apply a moisture barrier first.
Should not be applied at temperatures below 5 degrees.
Never apply when the mixture starts to gel.

Available In Clear Or Below Colours
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Colour Accuracy Statement

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