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Granite Sealer and Enhancement.

Want to know how to darken the colour of granite paving or countertops with an enhancer? Then read on. Contractors and homeowners who fix granite countertops in bars, baths and kitchens typically opt for its durability and beauty. To maintain the appearance and integrity of this stone, a person ought to apply a granite sealer prior to utilization. Such a product protects the stonework from water damage, oil stains and discoloration. Formulations available from merchants are in wax and liquid forms that can give granite a pleasing shine. An enhancer on the other hand will give the depth and wet look most find very pleasing to the eye.

Formed by pressure & cut from natural ‘build ups’ on mountains, granite’s a kind of stone made up of millions and millions of crystals. The structure and color of every piece of granite depends upon the geologic account of the location which produced the stone. Not like countertops manufactured from synthetic materials, granite’s porous, with coatings of open cells which would absorb liquids. Quarries in various geographic regions produce granite types with various levels of porosity.

Cutting this variety of stone to take it out from its source as well creates tiny cracks within the slab & on its surface. Such cracks may not be visible to one’s naked eye or take away from the stone’s attractiveness or usefulness. After a person puts in the granite slab, then again, the cracks are entry points for spills and dirt that could damage the stone.

An individual ought to choose which kind of granite sealer to make use of when protecting the stone. A person generally applies a solvent-based sealer to the exterior of the granite slab to produce a surface barrier to water and oil. A penetrating product infuses into the level of crystals underneath the slab’s surface & produces an internal barrier which maintains the integrity of the stone. Manufacturers produce penetrating granite sealers from an assortment of chemicals which have water- and oil-repelling properties. Though only an enhancer will rejuvenate worn and weathered surfaces.

Prior to applying either kind of penetrating sealer initially, it’s important to make sure that the granite is totally dry. If it’s necessary to clean the exterior of the countertop prior to sealing it, an individual ought to wait twenty-four hours or more prior to applying a sealer. This allows the granite to release whatever moisture it soaked up during the cleaning.

To utilize a granite sealer, a person works on small sections rather than coating the whole slab right away. As the sealer starts to dry on the initial section, an individual applies a second layer on the same area. After the waiting time suggested by the manufacturer, a person buffs & shines the first area prior to moving to the next section of the countertop. A wiping rag or similar fabric is the only cloth required for putting on the sealer & buffing the granite.

Your next step? To decide whether or not you wish to enhance your granite surface or simply opt for the natural look. Take what you’ve learned from this article on how to make use of such products and enjoy your beautiful natural stone surface.