Garage Floor Protection

Don’t Just Paint It…Paint and Protect It !!!
Substantially More Durable Than Competing Hardware Based Alkyd Garage Floor Coatings !!!

Main image for our film forming or topical garage floor paint and concrete sealer two in one product. Single pack high solids pigmented sealer. Durable “High Solids” Pigmented Acrylic Sealer.

• Colour and seal in one application.
• Protects against sunlight, traffic, oil and dirt.
• Easy to use & DIY friendly
• Unyielding adhesive bond to concrete surfaces
• Dramatically improves cleanability & maintenance
• Prevents powdering and degradation of concrete
• Semi gloss finish
• Multiple colours available
• Forms durable hard wearing coating
• Resistant to abrasion
• Hot tyre resistant
• UV resistant – non yellowing
• Solvent Based.
• Can be applied by:

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Australian Standard AS2700 Colours Available:
Pastel Grey   Light Grey   Dark Grey   Wombat
Terracotta   Mudstone   Lightbox-Grey   Koala-Grey
Lead-Grey   Beige   Mushroom   Blue-Grey
Mid-Grey   Neutral-Grey   Graphite-Grey   Driftwood
Black   Pewter   Pipeline-Grey   White

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Colour Accuracy Statement

Pastel grey on porous new slab being applied by roller.

Perfect For Plain, Patterned, Stenciled,
Coloured & Exposed Aggregate Surfaces!

Application Directions:

Product being used with roller on plain cement. Can also be apllied by hand pump sprayer.Always apply to a small area first (approx. 1m2) and leave to dry to establish both suitability and coverage rate. Coverage will vary depending on porosity of the surface and will range between 4m2 per litre on exposed aggregate and porous surface, up to 12m2 on very smooth surfaces. New concrete surfaces should be allowed to cure 21-28 days before sealing. Before applying the sealer, new concrete surfaces should be acid etched using a 5:1 hydrochloric acid wash. Ensure all safety equipment is worn. After the surface has reacted (approx. 20 mins) wash the residue off. Ensure that disposal of residue is in accordance with local laws. Ensure the concrete surface is clean and dry before applying sealer. Application of sealer over contaminants such as moisture and dirt may reduce adhesion and cause discolouration. Two coats of sealer should be applied to the concrete. The first coat can be diluted up to 20% with Thinners. To apply, use a solvent resistant soft bristle broom. Spread the sealer over the surface in an even way so that the concrete is completely covered with a thin layer of sealer. If ‘pooling’ occurs, immediately spread the sealer over the surrounding area. Do not apply a second coat until the first coat has dried. For best results leave overnight and then apply second coat of sealer in the same manner described above. Keep cars off for 2-3 days.

Technical Description
  Application   Broom, Brush, Roller or Spray
  Coats   Minimum 2 Coats
  Coverage   6-8 sqm/ L Coat (20 micron DFT)
  Dry Time   Dust Free: 20-30 minutes
    Touch Dry: 1 hour
    Hard Dry: 12-24 hours
  Classification   UN 1263, DG CLASS 3 PKG II, HAZCHEM 3 [Y]E
  Wash Up   Multipurpose Thinners
  Recommended Uses   External: Driveways, Patios, Footpaths, Garages
    Internal: Light Industrial Factory and Warehouse Flooring
  Limitations   Petrochemical Exposure Please See: 2 Pack Urethane

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Number Of Coats and Coverage Rate Information Can Be Found Under Each Products Technical Table.

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