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    Hi. We had a pool installed a few months ago and havent got round to sealing the travertine coping around the edge. Its a cream colour but looks a little pale when dry compared to when its wet.
    What do you recommend for pool surrounds outdoor please?
    Its only 1 x paver wide (300×300 paver size i think) so not a large surface area.

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    I just found a pool surrounds sealer. That the go? Anything else recommended. With a 15 year life i should have enough in a 5lt tin to last 2 x lifetimes?

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    Tex Rowe

    Hi Matt,
    Pool Surrounds Sealer is typically the first choice when targeting areas directly exposed to splashes from the pool like coping. Being a penetrating, non-slip and more importantly breathable sealer it fulfills most requirements for such an environment as will never peel.
    Now the hard part..creme coloured or light pavers in general are very difficult to darken as any enhancement from a sealer is limited by what the surface is capable of giving. In saying this pool Surrounds Sealer is a solvent so you may experience some darkening as a by-product of the solvent though will not be anywhere near the same level of enhancement say a grey paver would achieve.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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