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    Tex Rowe

    Please feel free to discuss anything related to bluestone sealer protection.

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    Hi there,
    I'm after some advice.
    We have purchased honed bluestones for our backyard, but of course, they are going to be super slippery should it rain!
    I need some sort of sealant which will make them more nonslip but also not affect the look of the stone. The guy we got the pavers from recommended a penetrating enhance sealer, but the information I've read up doesn't really make it clear whether it makes it less slippery than the stone is naturally, or just doesn't make it more slippery (If that makes sense)
    The stones look lovely so we don't really want to ruin the finish with a topical sealant, so we're exploring what our options are before we swap them over for sawn. What can you recommend?

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    Tex Rowe

    Hi Kristy,
    a penetrating sealer (when applied correctly) will not alter your surfaces characteristics.
    What this essentially means is that if you are concerned about your stones slipperiness, a penetrating sealer will not be beneficial at all. Your bluestone will be just as slippery before as is after the seal.
    There are some etching products on the market to cater for a finish you desire, though we have heard some horror stories of DIY applicators ruining there stone. Etching natural stone requires some experience and probably should be left to the professionals.
    Hope this makes it clearer.

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    yeah I thought the info he (stone shop salesperson) gave me didn't make sense. Thanks!

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    I hope you can help. We just installed blue stone in a screened in patio do we need to seal it? If so how and with which product?


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    Tex Rowe

    Hi Jeff,
    most opt to seal any natural stone or porous surface.
    For bluestone please see our bluestone range of sealers in the US available here:
    Application instructions can be found on each individual products page.
    If unsure as to whether you wish for a film or penetrating sealer, you can read about some of the main differences here:

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    Adam Wolters

    Hey I have bluestone paver around my pool and I find them to be abit slippery when wet. Can a non slip additive be used when sealing the pavers?

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    Tex Rowe

    A coating is not the first choice for wet areas like pool surrounds as applicators typically like to utilise one of our breathable non-slip sealers. Though in saying this.. if surface is already slippery prior to any sealer then below options may be of some help:
    1) hire anti-slip services who can rough up surface with fine brushes/pads etc.
    2) apply a coating like:
    Protect & Enhance
    Extra Grip Additive
    Above option is clear though if happy to simply paint over surface another option may be a textured product like:
    Slip Resistant Paint

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    Adam Wolters

    Thank is that sealer available in a natural finish rather than wet look?

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    Tex Rowe

    Wet look is the byproduct of the solvent though a water based version is also offered:
    Depending on how porous substrate is additional coats may need to be applied to lock in extra grip.

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    Adam Wolters

    Thanks mate would it be possible to get a sample of both to see which finish I would like to purchase

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    Tex Rowe

    Apologies as a bulk supplier we do not provide samples.

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    Hi I am currently working with Bluestone and have tried various toners, enhancers sealers and even crystallisation methods to try and achieve what the customer wants. This Chinese Bluestone as I have already explained absorbs everything. How does your sealer/ enhancer differ from all the others on the market? I need a sealer enhancer that crosses over from indoors to outdoor/ pool area which will look dark, seamless and be protected from spills and pool additives.

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    Tex Rowe

    Hi Fedi,

    How does your sealer/ enhancer differ from all the others on the market?

    not entirely sure unless tested inhouse with specific formulations.

    I need a sealer enhancer that crosses over from indoors to outdoor/ pool area which will look dark, seamless and be protected from spills and pool additives.

    Please find some of the more popular bluestone sealers when requiring darkening/enhancement.
    In the film forming range:
    Protect & Enhance
    In the penetrating range:
    Sealer Enhancer

    Tex Rowe
    CSW Coatings Australia
    CSW Coatings USA

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