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    We have a bessa block chimney that I’ve applied two different penetrative sealers to, which have markedly decreased water penetration although a small amount still occurs in heavy driving rain. I wish to paint it with the paint ideally adding another layer of rain protection. Is your Concrete Paint Sealer water resistant and/or proof, and is it suitable to use on previously treated (but unpainted) bessa blocks?



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    Tex Rowe

    Hi Craig,
    It is important to note that penetrating sealers or single pack topical coatings are not waterproofers and are considered repellents. If requiring resistance then a 2 pack would be a more suitable option like: 2 Pack. If exposed to UV then options would be limited to 2 Pack Urethane. Mortar Joints may be a point of weakness due to their recessed nature if not completely sealed.
    Unfortunately we have not tested on chimneys when exposed to heat.
    Film Forming / Topical coatings can be applied to previously applied penetrating sealers that have not been highly built preferably sticking with same carrier. eg: solvent based penetrating sealer/solvent based film forming coating.
    Please also see:
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    Tex Rowe
    CSW Coatings Australia
    CSW Coatings USA

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