Floor coatings are available in a variety of finishes though unlike regular paints, only few sheen levels are worthy of consideration for specific products.

Two points worthy of mention when discussing a coatings finish are:

1. Different paint finishes wear differently…in general terms the higher the gloss, the harder the finish.

2. Different paint finishes also reflect light differently, inturn altering our perception of color.


The bulk of sealers exist within the semi-gloss to gloss range as historically this has proven to be a sweet spot for maximum durability and ease of maintenance.

There is no industry standard for paint finishes, so one company’s semi-gloss can be another company’s Low Gloss.
As a result, traditional names and levels for gloss levels differ from manufacturer to manufacturer and are often nothing more than clever marketing.
A more appropriate means of measurement is levels, not names!

Gloss Level Terminology
High Gloss: 85% – 100%
Gloss: 60% – 84%
Semi-gloss: 20% – 59%
Low Sheen: 5% – 19%
Flat: 0% – 4%
Natural Look here refers to penetrating sealers where no film therefore no finish is presented.

The finishes presented by CSW Coatings for relevant product(s) are considered the industry preference in manufacturing sealers/epoxies.
Finishes referenced are the manufacturing technical value.
A floor coatings finish should be used as a guide only as the ultimate finish will be determined by many variables including surface porosity/application technique/elements etc.