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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Pick-Up or Do You Have A Shopfront?

Sorry no. In order to offer premium grade products at the cheapest prices in Australia, orders are simply placed online and delivered direct to your door.

How Long Does Delivery Take?

For shipping estimates please see: Shipping

How Much Is Shipping?

For shipping estimates please see: Shipping

Where Do You Ship To?

We ship Australia wide to all postcodes.

What's The Difference Between Water or Solvent Based?

Please see: Water Vs Solvent

What Preparation Do I Need To Do?

In addition to Directions found on single product pages please see our comprehensive: Preparation Guide

What's The Difference Between Film & Penetrating Sealers?

In general... a Film Forming Sealer is a coating that sits on top of your surface whereas a Penetrating Sealer sits beneath the surface. For further info best see: Film Vs Penetrating

What's The Difference Between Your Penetrating Sealers?
What Product Do You Recommend?

As a supplier we are unable to give a direct recommendation but we can certainly steer you in the correct direction.

The best place to start is our Product via Surface page. Here you can select the exact surface you aim to protect. Don't forget to keep filtering products down via the right hand side menus.

If unsuccessful here you could also try our Product via Application page.

As a third option please see our short questionnaire Q & A page that filters products based on your answers.

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