We Provide Both Water Based and Solvent Based Products,
But Only Penetrating Water Based Sealers Achieve Below...

Applied To Damp Surfaces!

No more waiting for surfaces to be dry!
Professionals save time and money by not having to come back the next day.
Simply clean then seal!

Easy To Apply And Wash Up!

Requires much less skill than solvents.
Forgiving of errors as washes up
with water!
Thinners no longer necessary!

Safe For You And The Family!

No intoxicating fumes.

This section is not strictly going to be a direct criticism of solvent sealers. We merely hope to illustrate some very major differences!

Our first point is solvents are good at what they do and have been for a while.
If no alternative were available, then we probably would all be content…but an alternative does exist!

What CSW Coatings tries to express is that although good, solvents really are an outdated technology.


The Mess

A portion of our clientele come to us after their own horrific personal experience with retail solvent sealers. Solvents really do require some knowledge to apply as they are very unforgiving of mistakes. A mistake could range from applying excessive sealer to overspray. Should this occur, the only way to rectify the situation is by then utilising chemical thinners or strippers! This is a headache in itself!


The Fuss

Most solvents also claim to be applied by sprayer. Our experience suggests otherwise! The resins used in inferior quality solvents constantly get clogged in the sprayer’s nozzle! Leaving a paint brush/roller as the only piece of equipment able to get the job done, you are then exposed to over application again!


The Smell

When we first entered the industry many years ago, we began as applicators. We would apply concrete sealer to anything from driveways to car parks. Unaware of water based sealers we reluctantly wore gas masks on site to avoid passing out. Anyone who has used a solvent before will know exactly what we are talking about here! We have personally witnessed the strongest of men run from a site gasping for breath! Surely this cannot be good for you!

So as you can see just from these three short examples, if an alternate product existed that:

• Did the same, if not better job at hard surface protection,
• Had no intoxicating fumes,
• Was easy to apply,
• Was easy to wash up,
• And thanks to CSW Coatings was cost effective..Why consider anything else?

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