About Us

About Us

Over 20 Years!

CSW Coatings products are supplied and backed by over 20 years production experience and history.

CSW Coatings Are Proud To Announce Accepted Membership Into:
Australian Stone Advisory Association

ausmadeCSW Coatings began its humble beginnings many years ago in the service industry as residential pressure cleaners. Due to demand, the business was quickly scaled to offer a variety of internal and external cleaning services appealing to both the residential and commercial markets. Quite naturally, clientele would often ask if protective coating applications like driveway sealing or epoxy flooring services were offered. With this in mind and to complement pressure washing, we took the plunge and invested heavily in understanding the science behind concrete coatings and natural stone protection. Soon the application side of the business outgrew the cleaning side of the business and we were on our way to becoming a leading provider.


It was during this stage we discovered how fragmented the product supply industry was! With vague and often inconsistent advice, a coin toss would of been more productive! In contrast, if correct information were provided, it seemed overwhelming and quite difficult to absorb! Often we felt over complicating a products description justified the massive mark-up some of these suppliers were demanding. There had to be a better way!


CSW Coatings was borne out of necessity eliminating confusing industry jargon and telling it like it is.
Our goal was and is very simple…to provide the most cost effective solutions for the most advanced protective coatings Australia wide!

We Know The Application Side,
We Know The Supply Side!!

Did you know.. most coating sales people have never applied a single drum of the product they are attempting to sell?
At CSW Coatings we’ve been on the front-line encountering every conceivable scenario!

In other words we know what works but more importantly… what doesn’t!

Beware The Backyard Operator!

If serious about purchasing a sealer then please follow below comparisons in determining if provider is legitimate or not!

Due to a rise in unscrupulous providers (Backyard Operators) caused by lax regulation we would like to differentiate ourselves from unprofessional entities…

CSW Coatings Refuses To Supply Inferior “Trade Quality” Products !!
Backyard Operator To Compete On Cost, Offers “Trade Quality” With Very Short Lifespan And Re-Names To Ambiguous Term Like “Heavy Duty” .

CSW Coatings Ships The Bulk Of Products Direct From Manufacturing Plant. No Middle Men, No Tampering, No Watering Down, No Fillers !!
Backyard Operator Claims To Sell Their Sealers Direct. In Actual Fact They Buy Sealer In Bulk From A Reputable Manufacturer Then Dilute Sealer Degrading Its Quality To Make Many Smaller Sized Drums !!

CSW Coatings Tediously Has Spent Time Presenting Concrete And Stone Protection In An Easy To Understand Format !!
Backyard Operator With Little Understanding Of Their Industry, Revert To Copying And Pasting Our Descriptions. Competitors Stealing Our Content Was The Main Reason For This Page!…And We’ve Got The Google Timestamps To Prove It!

All CSW Coatings Australian Division Products Are Australian Made. No Cheap Foreign Imports !!
Backyard Operator Has Total Disregard For Australian Standards !!

CSW Coatings Charge GST. Watch Below Video On Why It Is Essential A Sealer Supplier Is GST Registered !!
Backyard Operator Does Not Bother Registering For GST As Business Is Not Legitimate !!

Registered Business Name: CSW Coatings
Corporation: Lindani Holdings Pty Ltd
ABN: 38 107 768 454
ACN: 107 768 454
Most Important: GST Registered